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Immortalize your most beautiful moments and significant events in a ring!

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Sustainable and fairtrade memo rings from Switzerland

For many centuries, the ring has been the most symbolic piece of jewelry in almost every culture in the world. The circle carries the magical meaning of infinity and, in the form of the ring, also of luck and protection for the wearer. You can immortalize your very own “memoirs” in the memo ring with small, set stones. For example, special events or your best memories!

Classic elegance and unique wearing comfort characterize our SIGNUM Fairtrade and eco-gold memo rings, as they are made to your individual requirements and sizes. In addition, each model can be worn harmoniously with all our wedding ring models. Our memoir rings are available in white gold, yellow gold and red gold, just like our wedding rings and engagement rings.

Transparent process

Memory rings from SIGNUM shine inside and out! That’s because we lovingly make them in our manufactory exclusively from sustainable production using eco-fair wash gold from Finland or Max Havelaar Fairtrade gold. This also means that fair wages are paid throughout the entire process chain and good working conditions are guaranteed. We document the entire supply chain transparently for you in a certificate. You will carry this joy with you throughout your life!

Buy your individual memo ring online or in the studio

You can personalize your ring by choosing the type of gold, the gold origin or certification and the option of engraving. You can buy the memo rings easily and securely in the online store or you can visit us in our studio.

To easily determine your ring size, you can order a ring size measuring device from us free of charge and without obligation.

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Expert advice for choosing your memoir ring

We will be happy to advise you in an uncomplicated manner on all important questions regarding your personal memoir ring – the right choice of stones, the stone size and the right gold color!

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