Wedding rings

... named after our impressive Rhine Valley mountains: Alvier, Gonzen, Mutschen, Säntis and Stauberen.

Wedding rings: a tradition since ancient times

Wedding rings, wedding bands or wedding bands – these significant pieces of jewelry go by many names. Despite their versatile names, they do not differ in any way. The history of wedding rings goes back to antiquity and has passed through many stages since then until it finally culminated in an expression of love and trust in modern times. Being aware of the history and significance of wedding rings and with many years of experience, we know what is important when choosing the right wedding rings – please contact us personally and together we will find the rings of your dreams. Have wedding rings made from sustainable materials made by SIGNUM now and capture the story of your relationship in a piece of jewelry!

Bestseller wedding rings

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Dusting 3 mm

Ab CHF 1250
Buy sustainable and fairtrade gold wedding rings & wedding bands in Switzerland

Säntis 2 mm

Ab CHF 950

Alvier wedding rings

The Alvier wedding ring is named after our “local mountain”. It rests majestically within itself and gives us a glimpse of eternity. With its flat curvature, this model stands for pure wearing comfort – it can also be beautifully complemented with a small old-cut diamond in the center! Buy sustainable and fairtrade wedding rings from Switzerland

Gonzen wedding rings

A unique unobstructed view opens up to us from the top, far into two valleys that converge. Our simply elegant Gonzen model is a symbol of the deep bond of shared love on the one hand and freedom on the other, leaving plenty of room for possibilities and dreams!

Mutschen wedding rings

The high plateau of the Mutschen lies clear and open before us and presents its overwhelming surface! Sometimes it appears sand-matt, sometimes shiny. This inspiration shapes our classically solid Mutschen wedding rings. Also made of the purest gold from sustainable and fair production!

Säntis wedding rings

Säntis, king of the Alpstein mountains. During the ascent we almost grow wings, because the view is so magnificent! What’s more, perseverance has definitely rewarded us. Our Säntis model – simply pure ring and an absolute classic!

Stauberen wedding rings

After the magnificent ascent to the Stauberen pulpit, we can let our gaze wander over the wide Rhine Valley, across Lake Constance, into Toggenburg and back. So many discovery tours are waiting to be explored! Our Stauberen wedding ring model wears exceptionally smoothly and is absolutely suitable for outdoor use!

The history of wedding rings

Even in ancient Egypt, the exchange of rings was an expression of love. Unlike today, twigs, reeds, bones or even ivory were made into rings and given to partners. In contrast to our tradition , here only the woman wore the ring, which was, among other things, confirmation that the husband had received the dowry. Therefore, the more expensive the material, the greater the expression of love. However, historians and archaeologists have also discovered from ancient writings that the exchange of rings was a symbol of devotion and unconditional, eternal love. The ancient Egyptians also saw the ring as a kind of “gateway to the future” and a sign of a shared life. Even today, some of these interpretations are in line with our values.

The Romans also adopted the tradition of wearing wedding rings as a symbol of togetherness between lovers. At that time, the ring was made of iron and worn by the woman on the ring finger of her left hand. At that time it was assumed that the vena amoris, the “love vein”, which is directly connected to the heart, ran through this finger – we now know that this is anatomically incorrect. However, the tradition of the ancient Romans was also based on the social norm that the man owned his wife – at the same time, the woman’s ring served as economic security. The history of wedding rings is complex and multi-layered, as the wedding ring has had a variety of meanings over the course of time.

Christianity and the Middle Ages - the transformation of wedding rings

The meaning of wedding rings changed in Christianity. In the 9th century, the wedding ring was introduced in church weddings as a sign of divine unity and the covenant between husband and wife. This tradition led to the redesign of the actual pieces of jewelry. In the Middle Ages, wedding rings were first made of gold or silver and decorated with complex ornaments – inscriptions and personal engravings also became popular.

Particularly popular were gimmel rings, which further emphasized the symbol of solidarity. These multi-part rings were very popular in England and could be joined together. During the engagement, both the man and the woman each wore a part of the ring – at the wedding ceremony, the man placed his ring on his wife’s finger so that both ring components formed a single piece of jewelry. In many cultures, it was still customary for only the woman to wear a ring. This custom only changed in the 20th century.

Wedding rings in the Renaissance

The Renaissance was a culturally significant era in many respects. Translated, the French word “Renaissance” means “rebirth”, which was also reflected in the art. Alongside natural works of art, splendor and gold found their place in architecture, clothing and jewelry. It is therefore no surprise that the wedding ring was also “reinvented” and adorned with precious gemstones. Artistic jewelry with detailed engravings, bright colors and elegant designs became popular. The design of the rings became more complex and inscriptions were engraved to immortalize love. The rings became small works of art that reflected the uniqueness of each love. Many of these characteristics can still be found in engagement and wedding rings today.

Wedding rings today

Nowadays, wedding rings are an expression of love and commitment in many cultures and religions. They are usually worn by both partners and symbolize the start of a new chapter together. The rings are often personalized with engravings and diamonds – the latter is particularly common in women’s rings. The forerunner of wedding rings is the engagement ring, which in many cases should match the wedding ring – which is why some wedding ring couples differ from one another. Nowadays, rings are made of platinum, yellow or red gold as well as white gold .

Finding the right wedding rings

Finding the right wedding rings can be challenging. So that you can enjoy this emotional moment stress-free, we will be happy to advise you on what you should look out for when buying the rings. It is generally helpful if you think about your wishes and preferences before your consultation. The following questions form a good basis for choosing the right wedding rings:

  1. What color and material do you prefer for your rings?
  2. Do you want your rings to be simple or playful?
  3. Would you like to integrate a gemstone?
  4. Would you like to engrave a text or the wedding date?
  5. What is your budget?

If you answer these five questions together, choosing the right wedding rings is usually a lot easier. Nevertheless, it always makes sense to make an appointment with a jeweler and get the opinion of an expert. Because even if you like a ring, it may not be practical. If you work in a trade, for example, it makes sense for the wedding ring not to be too large and ostentatious so that it does not interfere with your daily life. Our studio for sustainable jewelry is staffed by experienced goldsmiths who can advise you on the right material, ring size and design. Simply arrange a personal appointment and visit us in Buchs – we look forward to seeing you!

To easily determine your ring size, you can order a ring size measuring device from us free of charge and without obligation.

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Buy sustainable wedding rings from SIGNUM

SIGNUM attaches great importance to quality and sustainability. That is why all our jewelry is made from sustainably mined gold and fair gemstones. On our website and in our studio you have the chance to choose between fair trade gold from Finnish Lapland and Max Havelaar Fairtade Gold. We are also happy to recycle your silver or old gold to create a new piece of jewelry.

In our Swiss workshop, we produce both unique pieces and our bestselling models. Visit us in person or order your wedding rings online. The latter is easy to do via our online store: select your desired models, choose the type and origin of gold and decide which surface the rings should have. Four weeks later you will receive your jewelry by post. So that you can specify the correct ring size, we will send you a free ring size measuring device . We will be happy to correct the fit of your rings once free of charge if necessary – we want nothing to stand in the way of your big day. Now you can order your wedding rings easily and simply from SIGNUM. We look forward to making your unique and environmentally friendly wedding rings as your personal token of love and commitment!

Expert advice for choosing your wedding rings and wedding bands

In our manufactory, we make individual wedding rings to measure for you. Come along so that we can advise you on the endless possibilities in a relaxed atmosphere in our studio!

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