Heartcoin drop gold 9.5 mm

In keeping with the Christmas season, we are presenting the new Heartcoins in 5 new designs: In addition to the heart (as a symbol of love) and the shield (as a symbol of protection), there is now also the Heartcoin “Colombia” (the bird as the symbol of Colombia) in large or small Heartcoins with the motif drop (water), wing (air), flame (fire) and leaf (earth). And they all wear the keyhole as a trademark for their curiosity and openness to the unknown and the new. As always, all Heartcoins are made from the finest materials: either Max Havelaar Fairtrade 999.9 fine gold from South America or recycled silver. In addition to the necklaces made of natural silk (rust brown and black), the necklaces are now also available in cotton – and in various beautiful colors. Give yourself or a loved one the gift of a matching Heartcoin. You can find all current models with prices in our collection.

Ordered online today, at home in two weeks! So the coin will make it under the Christmas tree in time – beautifully wrapped as a gift for your loved ones or yourself 🙂

And best of all: you support women's education in Colombia with the purchase of a Signum Heartcoin!

Because around half of the sales price goes to our Casa Hogar project! Casa Hogar makes a major contribution to the education of girls and women in Choco, one of the places with the highest levels of poverty in Colombia, characterized by wars between illegal groups, dangerous drug cultivation and illegal gold mining. In this situation, it is the girls and women who suffer most from the difficult situation. In the dominant macho structures, they have practically no chance of a self-determined future. In Chocó, almost 40% of women become mothers at a young age (from 13 years). This throws them back into their role as mothers and breadwinners and deprives them of access to income opportunities, i.e. education, training and self-determination. The chances of girls and women escaping this vicious circle of poverty are slim.

The project has developed enormously since we started working together. In addition to supporting the girls who have a safe home in the Niña Maria hostel in Istmina and are allowed to go to school, the “CASA HOGAR La Paz” hostel for female university students in the Chocó capital Quibdó was opened in October 2020. However, Casa Hogar has many other exciting and important projects underway that will improve the situation of the people in the long term and provide a strong input for their future. And we think that’s great! Read more on her project page.