Our competition on Instagram, with which we support our heart project “Casa Hogar”, is still running until World Children’s Day on 20.09.2021.

Here’s how: Take a close look at the photo of the two wedding rings made from sustainably produced and fair-trade gold and estimate what they weigh together. You can’t lose anything, but you can win. A genuine Signum Fair Jewels HeartCoin made from recycled silver.

Write us your guess in grams – with one decimal place – either in the comments of our Instapost or by email to info@signumfairjewels.ch. Everyone who guesses the correct weight wins:-) We are happy about everyone who participates!!! We will announce the winners on #WorldChildren’sDay next Monday, September 20 at 9 pm. You win and we pay😄! And how I love it! one hundred percent to Casa Hogar.

Casa Hogar is a passionately run organization that successfully campaigns for education and against the abuse and exploitation of girls and young women in the Colombian crisis region of Chocó.

They have a really great (new) website where you can find out about the latest projects: www.casa-hogar.de. Take a look! And good luck.

Your Signum Team