Not to be confused! Give your wedding rings a personal touch with an individual engraving

Wedding rings “off the peg”? You’re unlikely to find that at Signum. Our collection already includes a selection of sustainably and fairly produced wedding rings, engagement rings and various other pieces of jewelry that we have designed with the best of our knowledge and conscience for a comfortable wearing experience. However, it is important to us that our customers have the opportunity to individualize the selected model so that it is tailored to fit comfortably and looks 100 percent right. In this way, each piece in the collection is ultimately unique. In addition to the width, surface structure(blog article on individual structured rings) and stone selection, we also offer individual engraving.

With an engraving, you have various options for immortalizing something that will always remind you of your love. Starting with an individual lettering in cursive, block letters or your own handwriting – for example the names of your loved one(s). But it can also be something pictorial, e.g. a shared symbol, a secret code, so to speak, that only the couple can read. Or drawings that remind us of things we have lived together or embody shared values, a motto, a vow of love. One customer couple, for example, chose the mountain line as their engraving – walking together and as a sign of
their love of nature. The partner’s fingerprint is also a great way to personalize rings, such as wedding rings and wedding bands, with an engraving. There are almost no limits to the imagination. The engraving is usually on the inside, but can also be on the outside, as you can see in the example with the sun-moon symbols.