We are now working with fairly and sustainably mined, beautiful aquamarines from a mine run by women in Zimbabwe (East Africa). We are in contact with the founders Iver Rosenkrantz and Patrick Tedaye Zindoga, who have already been able to provide us with the first stones.

New project at Signum Fair Jewels: Fair and sustainably mined aquamarines from Zimbabwe!

Always on the lookout for ecologically and economically sustainable, fairly produced raw materials, we came across the impressive ZIMBAQUA mining project by Iver Rosenkrantz.

ZIMBAQUA is the world’s first sustainable mining cooperative run exclusively by women. They work closely with the local communities. This preserves intact village communities, ensures the livelihood of families and the education of children and improves the economic situation in the poorer rural regions.

We – we Iver – are convinced that transparency, responsibility and traceability are the future of (gemstone) mining.

The pilot project for "Fair Gems": sustainably mined aquamarines from Zimbabwe!

“Fair Gems” is more than just a project: the idea is to focus more on rare and / or sustainably produced gemstones and integrate them into Signum Fair Jewels jewelry. Aquamarines from ZIMBAQUA make the start!

Rare and Sustainable Gems will be a new Signum Fair Jewele area!

Basically it started with old-cut diamonds! definitive “rare”, but there are still so many beautiful gemstones and we are looking for those that are not only beautiful, but also produced sustainably and fairly. The ZIMBAQA mine by Iver Rosenkrantz is a great example. Unique because the mine is managed and operated exclusively by (local) women.

And aquamarines are beautiful gemstones that can be perfectly integrated into Signum Fair Jewels jewelry.

We already have an initial selection in our studio and we are already working on the first prototypes of SFJ jewelry with aquamarines.

Let us surprise you.

Sustainable aquamarines from ZIMBAQUA are produced exclusively by women!

Rare and Sustainbable Gems: for all those interested in sustainable jewelry, for goldsmiths and stone lovers.

Rare and Sustainable Gems is all about sustainable projects, interesting, rare and sustainably sourced gemstones and a new Signum Fair Jewels product line.
Interested private customers, goldsmiths or stone lovers can buy both stones and finished pieces of jewelry. The aquamarines from ZIMBAQUA make the start.

Further blog posts about the mine, aquamarines and, of course, the first pieces of jewelry will follow.


more to follow.

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