For more than two years now, we have been a proud project partner of the CASA HOGAR aid project, which is committed to helping young women and girls in Colombia, with our fairtrade jewelry pendants, the HeartCoins. We would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to this great project and to inform you about what has happened this year and what is coming up in the new year…


What is it all about?

The project, which was founded in 2015 by the young German doctor Theodor Rüber, now has a volunteer team of around 80 people in Germany, Austria and Colombia.

CASA HOGAR is an aid project aimed at improving living conditions in Chocó, Colombia. And the way to get there is primarily through the education of young women and girls and a place where they are safe from exploitation and prostitution, where they do not have to fight for their daily survival; a place where they are empowered, where they can learn and obtain a degree that qualifies them for university: a home and a school.


Review of 2019

The completion of the extension to the local school in Istmina(Colegio Diocesano San José) is probably one of the milestones of this year, and this after a lead time of almost three years. The school was inaugurated in June, Theodor and a small team had traveled all the way from Germany. The school can now offer all school levels up to the baccalaureate. A study room was also provided and set up in the Niña Marie temporary residence. The girls supported by CASA HOGAR have developed incredibly since joining the project, made great strides in their learning and are gaining more and more self-confidence while living together peacefully – regardless of their cultural background. CASA HOGAR also provided acute assistance during a local river flood in February 2019. Meanwhile in Germany, the band “Alte Bekannte”, Germany’s best-known a cappella pop band, raised around 8,000 euros at this year’s charity concert – a great success!


Outlook 2020

CASA HOGAR’s rays of hope are extremely important for the people in Choco, because despite the peace agreement, the region is apparently not allowed to come to rest. Entire villages are still fleeing because they fall into the hands of guerrilla groups or paramilitaries. The infrastructure and medical care are minimal. And in a strongly patriarchal society like Choco, there is still a lot of educational work to be done. CASA HOGAR continues to implement projects with the firm conviction of slowly but inexorably building a new future through the education of girls and women.

And there will be another benefit concert for CASA HOGAR on June 21, 2020 at the Philharmonika Köln. We will also be there with our HeartCoins and would be delighted to see some familiar faces! And early enough to perhaps combine the concert with a short visit to Cologne? 🙂 We also have some time until then to design a few new HeartCoin motifs for you, so stay tuned…

Fair jewelry: The HeartCoins enjoyed growing popularity this year, many thanks to everyone who has already supported us with the purchase of a HeartCoin! Of course, we are also looking forward to as many HeartCoin sales as possible in the new year – because when you buy a gold or silver HeartCoin, you are providing important support for CASA HOGAR: half of the sales price goes directly to the project as proceeds.

By the way, if you don’t know them yet, take a look at the different models here. The HeartCoin pendants are now also available with different colored cotton-satin ribbons. The HeartCoins also make an excellent thoughtful and sustainable gift!