Arte TV devoted an entire evening to the topic of GOLD with two more than interesting and topical reports.
Must see!!! You can still watch the contribution here until April 2019:

More gold has been mined in recent years than in all previous millennia. How can this gold rush be explained? What impact does it have on the economy, the environment and our lifestyle? The first article examines the political and economic factors that have contributed to the explosion in the price of gold and triggered the recent gold rush.
Gold stands for wealth, power and beauty. Decades of technical progress and an exponential increase in market value make it more sought-after than ever before. Today, gold plays a more important role in financing organized crime than cocaine. About 2o mill. Undeclared workers risk their health or even their lives to extract the precious raw material. China is relentlessly exploiting its ten thousand gold mines in order to dominate the world market. The environment suffers enormously from this overexploitation.
The documentary uncovers abuses and also shows that fairer, more sustainable and less dangerous alternatives are possible for various steps in the production chain!

As a jewelry manufacturer, we see ourselves just as jointly responsible for a clean supply chain and sustainable production of the gold we use: Finnish washed gold from Lapland and Max Havelaar Fairtrade gold from South America are more than sensible made from Fairtrade gold shines twice!