Gold from indigenous Colombia - exhibition at Museum Rietberg

From March 22, 2024 to July 21, 2024, there will be an exhibition at Museum Rietberg on the sensitive subject of gold from indigenous Colombia. Museum Rietberg exhibition.
The exhibition shows over 400 art objects from the indigenous culture of Colombia – many of which are pieces of jewelry made of gold. What is special is that the objects are not described from the point of view of the Western curators, but from the perspective of the indigenous artists. Various videos on the subject are also available on the museum’s website.

Signum Fair Jewels is already involved in the Casa Hogar project in Colombia, which provides education for indigenous girls and women.

With our lovingly crafted Signum Fair Jewels Heartcoins made of Fairtrade gold from South America, we have created a homage to Colombian gold art, which are available in our store. Part of the purchase price goes directly to Casa Hogar.

Millennia-old culture: Colombian gold from several centuries - exhibition at Museum Rietberg.

The exhibition provides a different perspective on the gold problem in Colombia. It does not provide information about current gold mining, which is causing problems in the country, but about the millennia-old culture of gold mining and processing by the indigenous peoples.

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