Immerse yourself in the world of structures...

... and make your wedding or wedding rings something very special

A wedding ring is already something very special because of its significance. And we do everything we can to ensure that the design and feel of your wedding rings is unique. It is important to us to make your individual wedding rings as perfect as possible.

Once you have decided on a wedding ring model from our collection, the ring sizing is followed by the individual adjustments. How wide should it be? With or without stone? Do you want a personal engraving on the ring? And that brings us to the subject of surface finishes. From glossy to matt to hammer finish – the choice is yours.

However, there is also the option of giving your ring a completely unconventional surface using the embossed structure technique. This means that a selected structure, for example a tree bark, a stone surface or a fingerprint, can be used on the surface of your wedding ring using this process. This offers many exciting opportunities to immortalize personal stories or experiences as a couple, shared passions or similar in your wedding rings. Do you already have an idea?

Procedure for manufacturing a structural ring

First, you bring your structural object to the studio and we can then see whether the surface is suitable as a print. We are also happy to give you a piece of modeling clay or wax so that you can make your own impressions of found objects. We will be happy to advise you in the studio on exactly how to do this. We look forward to developing ideas together, especially for wedding and engagement rings!

You can also draw inspiration from our existing selection of our countless textured objects in the studio… or browse our Puregoldring collection online, where you will find a small selection of textured rings, such as the “Cells” and “Wood” models. The surface structure of these rings can also be used on your wedding rings or wedding bands.

Once you have decided on a structure, we prepare your wax ring so that your structure is either pressed in directly or we create a negative impression from your object, which is then pressed into the ring. This way you would have the selected structure as original as your object. Then it’s off to the casting. A great deal of patience and skill is then required during reworking so as not to damage the structure during cleaning.
You may want to add accents with small diamonds or colorful gemstones – you can let your imagination run wild 🙂 Then we will carefully set your stones in the metal…

… and voilà, you’re already holding your individual wedding rings in your hands!

Of course, like all our jewelry, our individual textured rings are lovingly crafted exclusively from eco-fair wash gold from Finland or Max Havelaar Fairtrade gold🙂