Fairtrade diamond ring in an unusual design

“Apoint” – In a nutshell: classic, elegant, modern. As the name suggests, the fairtade “Apoint Grande” diamond ring is wider and more striking than the “Apoint “, which was nominated for the Innovation category in the 2017 Jewelry Award. The simple, geometric design concept remains the same, with several circular elevations evenly spaced throughout the ring. Only somewhat larger, the topography almost architectural or reminiscent of a sculpture. This clear design language speaks for itself, especially in the Puregold version.

The Apoint Grande is at its most splendid as a memo ring. Any number of round diamonds are set in the elevations and shimmer in competition. In our two models shown here, there is either a diamond in every bump (15-17, depending on the ring size) or a diamond in every second bump (7-8). As the name of the memo ring suggests, you can of course also have an individual number of stones set for specific events, memories or people.

You also have the choice between champagne brown or whitebrilliant-cut diamonds (brilliant-cut diamonds) or old-cut diamonds. The brilliant-cut diamonds come from a mine in Australia and are mined and sold in accordance with fair trade guidelines.

The Apoint Grande rings – as a pure gold version without diamonds or as a Fairtrade diamond ring – can be combined particularly well with all our wedding ring models in a narrow design with a matt surface or with a structured ring.