Our Apoint ring model was nominated for the 2017 Jewelry Award of the renowned SCHMUCK magazine in the Innovation category!

The joy is already great, we are in the final round 🙂

The ‘Apoint’ is more than a classic memo ring – it shines either without stones with its raised dot elements and then completely changes its character with each stone. You can choose whatever you like! Every beautiful experience can be brought to a point with a diamond or colored stone! With a width of just 2.5 mm, it is one of the more delicate rings, yet its design makes it suitable for both fine and stronger hands. Two or three can be worn together for even more volume, and combined in different gold colors, it shimmers in a very special way!

By the way, it got its name ‘Apoint’ after a Swiss radio program on SRF! We listen to the À Point program almost every day just before midday a simple yet sophisticated recipe with tips and tricks for a lovingly prepared and delicious lunch is presented there every day.
This is exactly what this model should stand for: Simple, clear and lovingly brought to the point with character!

PS: by the way, you can vote for the audience award yourself. Simply fill in below. We look forward to your participation!