What would the perfect jewelry packaging look like for you? This topic has been on our minds for a long time, as we are no longer satisfied with our current jewelry boxes. And there are many reasons for this…

The first motivation to resume the search for the “perfect” packaging was that we also want to produce the packaging for our jewelry as sustainably, fairly and locally as possible – not so easy! There are many companies that offer beautiful packaging – but mostly from Chinese mass production. We also want to make the design of the new packaging fresher and more contemporary: On the one hand, we want to use a different material and a different color than the dark imitation leather.

The shape also changes. Until now, we have used jewelry boxes in various sizes. These are very suitable for the “presentation moment”, but what happens to them after the purchase? Is a jewelry box, e.g. for wedding rings or engagement rings, really suitable for everyday use or will it gather dust or even be thrown away? After all, sustainability also means that the packaging is reused. Then we came across the“pochettes“, a kind of jewelry pouch in which the rings are packed, and earrings or pendants are attached to a padded insert. It is much easier to handle and can also be taken along when traveling. However, the pochette must be designed in such a way that the precious jewelry is always securely packed!

What do you think of this idea? And what color do you think suits Signum Fair Jewels jewelry? Can you perhaps recommend a production site? We look forward to your feedback! 😊