We have finally produced an embossing stamp or engraving stamp for our jewelry, which we make from Finnish Lapland wash gold. Jewelry that we make from Fairtrade gold already bears the stamp of the label’s official logo. We will therefore be labeling our Ecofair wash gold just as clearly from today. For the design of the stamp, we embarked on a journey into the symbolism of Sámi culture. Incidentally, the Sami are the only European indigenous people. Their settlement area extends over the northern regions of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Russian peninsula of Kola. Our gold is panned from the rivers of Finnish Lapland. Suomi is the Finnish name for Finland, which is why we also call our gold Suomi Gold.

Shamanism was and is widespread among the Sami people. A characteristic instrument is the hand drum (called Kannus), which puts the shaman into a trance in order to move in the intermediate worlds, to mediate and thus harmonize disharmonies.

In our stamp, the double circle represents a stylized drum. The inner part is a very old symbol for the sun among the seeds. The sun has always been associated with “gold”. And last but not least, the “S” in the middle – it stands for Suomi and Samen, of course, but also for sun and Signum :).

We also see it as an appreciation for the Sámi people, from whose rivers our gold is mined, to be able to identify our jewelry made from Suomi gold with our stamp in the future. How do you like our creation :-)?