A panel discussion on the topic of “Switzerland and gold” will take place in Bern next Friday to mark the 30th anniversary of the Society for Threatened Peoples STP.

No more dirty gold mining - towards fair gold in Switzerland

Around 70 percent of the gold traded worldwide is processed here in Switzerland. The exact origin is often not traceable. The mining conditions for the local people and the handling of toxic chemicals are more than questionable. With its “No Dirty Gold!” campaign, the STP has long been drawing attention to the abuses in global gold mining and is also addressing Switzerland’s role as the main transhipment location for this problematic gold.

As a gold processing company that places sustainability and fairness in all aspects as its top priority, we naturally find it positive that this topic is being discussed more and more in public. However, it is also very important to us to create transparency for the end customer as to what actually stands behind the individual organizations and labels with their certifications, their trustworthiness, etc.

At the panel discussion in Bern, experts from research, the gold industry and society will be looking for solutions aimed at ensuring that as little dirty gold as possible ends up in Switzerland

This is going to be exciting!

Are you interested? Then come and see us!
We will definitely be there and look forward to seeing you there 🙂

Your Signum team

When? Friday November 1, 2019
Where? Heitere Fahne, Dorfstrasse 22/24, Wabern/Bern

You can find detailed information here:
No dirty gold! Campaign by the STP
Panel discussion “Switzerland and gold”