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Jewelry box

Sustainable and fairtrade jewelry packaging from Switzerland

The jewelry packaging from SIGNUM FAIR JEWELS is produced locally. Kleika manufactures the jewelry boxes for us from high-quality wood. Our jewelry pochettes in various sizes are produced by the craft workshop in Nendeln. So your jewelry is always kept safe!

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Expert advice for choosing your jewelry packaging

We will be happy to advise you in an uncomplicated way on all important questions about your personal jewelry packaging – come and visit us in our studio in Buchs SG!

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Buy sustainable and fairtrade necklaces from Switzerland

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Browse through our collection of ecologically fair produced jewelry!

Buy a sustainable necklace and wear it happily for many years

A beautiful piece of jewelry is not only visually appealing, but also often has an influence on our charisma. Depending on the creation, a necklace, for example, can be the elegant or extravagant icing on the cake that makes you shine. In addition, pieces of jewelry often have an emotional value and remind us of beautiful moments with a loved one. At SIGNUM, it is important to us that the external beauty of our designs is also reflected in the interior of the piece of jewelry. That is why all our pieces, such as our engagement and wedding rings or our necklaces, are produced sustainably and fairly. It is important to us to support good working conditions in the countries where the precious metals are mined and to act in an environmentally friendly manner – because in this way we not only do our part to protect the earth, but also ensure that our customers can wear their new favorite earrings or necklaces with a clear conscience.


Necklaces from Switzerland: timeless and sustainable pendants

Our necklaces are from Switzerland and are made from sustainable green gold by the Wassner company. Wassner also ensures that the gold it uses is mined with respect for human rights and social responsibility. In addition, strict ecological guidelines are adhered to. The company also does not support any warring parties, which is why Green Gold also complies with the “Conflict-Free Gold Standard” – fair and peaceful gold for pure beauty. We document the entire supply chain of the jewelry pieces transparently for you in a certificate.

We also produce a wide variety of pendants for your necklace in our manufactory in Switzerland. Whether you prefer a timeless or extravagant design, our goldsmiths will create beautiful additions for your necklace. We source all gemstones and pearls sustainably and fairly from our certified partners – this is how we make our jewelry even more beautiful!

Expert advice in our studio

If you have found the right necklace but are still unsure which pendant is the right one for your necklace, you are welcome to visit us in our studio in Buchs. Here we advise you on our pendants and necklaces, which are produced sustainably. Together we are sure to find the right piece of jewelry for your taste.

Pendant for your necklace: sustainable and lovingly crafted

In our studio, we produce a variety of jewelry made from sustainable gold and fairly mined gemstones. Our talented goldsmiths craft the pendants with great care and attention to detail. Each piece is produced to high ethical standards to ensure that both the environment and the people involved are respected. We only use materials that are obtained and processed under fair conditions.

This careful selection of materials enables us to offer not only exceptionally beautiful, but also ethically responsible pieces of jewelry. Our collection includes a wide range of designs, from classic to modern, so there is something for every taste. Discover our unique pendants and find the perfect piece that underlines your personality while making a statement for sustainability and fairness.

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Our raw materials

While Wassner’s Swiss necklaces are made with green gold, we at SIGNUM use other fair gold sources:

Ecofair’s wash gold

Our 750 / 18 carat yellow, white and red gold comes from Finnish Lapland. It is obtained manually and in an environmentally friendly way without the use of chemicals such as cyanides and mercury. We pay fair prices to the miners and thus support small mining structures.

Max Havelaar Fairtrade Gold

We use Fairtrade gold in 750 / 18 carat and 999.9 / 24 carat for our wedding rings, engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry. Compliance with Fairtrade standards is ensured through regular audits by the Flocert organization. We support small-scale mining in South America through fair prices and premiums.

Recycled gold and silver

We recycle old jewelry by reworking or melting it down. We also use recycled silver from old silverware and electronic scrap to conserve resources and reduce waste. This process is also very suitable for customers who want to give new life to an old piece of jewelry – with your old gold you can create a necklace that is sustainable and perhaps even carries an emotional meaning.

It’s not just the origin of our gold that we pay attention to – we also only use fair raw materials when selecting the gemstones and pearls that you will find in our necklaces from Switzerland. We source our diamonds from Australia, for example, while our colored gemstones come from certified Fairtrade traders in Brazil, Madagascar, the USA, Switzerland, Sri Lanka and Colombia. We also offer pearls from fair trade projects in Sudan and the South Seas. These projects support local communities and promote sustainable practices. Similar to old gold, we also use old cut diamonds that we obtain from old pieces of jewelry. Each of these hand-cut diamonds is unique and tells its own story.

A necklace from SIGNUM is sustainable and beautiful

We will be happy to advise you in an uncomplicated manner on all important questions regarding your personal jewelry, pendant or necklace. Visit us in our studio in Buchs SG and see our necklaces for yourself. They are sustainable and breathtakingly beautiful – just the thing to make yourself or a loved one happy!

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