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Sustainable partner rings from Switzerland

Partner rings are a sign of love and devotion between two people. The pieces of jewelry are particularly popular with couples who want to show their relationship to the outside world but do not want to get married. Partner rings are a beautiful way to appreciate the relationship and symbolize the love and commitment of the partnership.


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Partner rings - classic or unusual

Couples who have partner rings usually wear them every day. For this reason, it is important that, just as with wedding rings, attention is paid to the quality and workmanship of the jewelry. High-quality partner rings are therefore also made from white gold, warm yellow gold or red gold. However, some are also made of silver.

We are also happy to make your personalized partner rings in our studio. We always pay attention to the issue of sustainability and only use fairly mined gold, old gold or recycled silver. It is important to us that you can wear your jewelry with a clear conscience.

However, the choice of material is not only crucial for the durability of the piece, but also for its aesthetics. Each material has its own advantages. Gold rings are timeless and traditional, while white gold is appreciated for its elegant, modern appeal. Ultimately, however, it comes down to individual taste and your own preferences, as the rings should above all reflect your personality and type.

Surface of the rings

The surface texture and color are important details and determine the overall appearance of the jewelry. While some couples prefer the classic elegance of polished gold, others prefer matte or textured surfaces. The choice of color can also reflect the couple’s personality and style – anything from traditional yellow gold to modern rose gold or cool silver is possible.

Personalization through engraving

An engraving can give partner rings a personal and unique touch. Whether a date, a name or a special message – an engraving makes the rings unmistakable and captures your love in a special way. This tradition actually dates back to the Middle Ages and has been preserved by many people and cultures ever since.

To easily determine your ring size, you can order a ring size measuring device from us free of charge and without obligation.

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Occasions for partner rings

Partner rings can be given as gifts on various occasions and make an emotional statement. Because regardless of whether you are already married, have been together for many years or have just started dating – a partner ring says more than 1,000 words. The pieces of jewelry make a beautiful gift for an anniversary or jubilee, for example. They are a loving way of telling your partner that you would choose them again and again and want to spend your life together with them. They can be a beautiful addition to wedding rings when renewing wedding vows or a symbolic expression of togetherness. The partner ring is a particularly attractive choice for couples who do not want to or cannot get married for various reasons.

But special occasions, such as the birth of a child, are also a suitable time for a partner ring. This is how you create a piece of jewelry that will forever mark the special day in your life. Partner rings can be worn as more than just a replacement for wedding rings. Only you decide when you want to wear the rings and for what occasion they are made. This also distinguishes partner rings from classic wedding rings, which are ultimately only worn by married couples. Partner rings give couples with their own traditions the chance to combine new and old customs and create an individual symbol of their partnership.

From partner ring to engagement to marriage

The change from a partner ring to a wedding or engagement ring is a significant step in a relationship that symbolizes the development of the partnership and love between two people. While partner rings are often worn as a sign of affection and closeness, wedding and engagement rings represent a formal promise and a future commitment. In this context, it is not unusual for the partner ring to be replaced or supplemented. For example, some couples choose to embellish their existing rings with diamonds or other gemstones to add an extra layer of aesthetics and meaning.

Others replace their original partner rings with new rings specially designed for their engagement or wedding. These new rings can be made from more precious materials such as white gold or yellow gold and red gold and can be customized with detailed designs and engravings. Whether a couple is upgrading their existing rings or opting for brand new ones, this step is a profound expression of their shared history. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the uniqueness of your relationship and create a lasting symbol of your love and commitment to each other, like wedding rings.

Sustainable rings at SIGNUM

Whether you want to buy wedding, engagement or partner rings – at SIGNUM we will be happy to advise you on your wishes and make unique rings for you and your partner in our workshop. For our team, the main focus here is on high-quality and sustainable production of the jewelry. That’s why we make all our creations with fairly mined gold, old gold or recycled silver. In addition to fair trade, gold and silver, we also use fair trade gemstones for our engagement and wedding rings. In this way, our customers can wear their beautiful rings with a clear conscience and enjoy them for a lifetime.

If you have an existing piece of jewelry and would like to customize it, we will be happy to do this for you. Many of our customers have heirlooms that they want to honor and yet customize. At SIGNUM, we believe that this is both a sustainable and emotional way to carry your loved ones with you and create unique and meaningful pieces of jewelry.

Buy partner rings from SIGNUM

We are your goldsmiths for sustainable and unique partner rings in Switzerland. Regardless of whether you have fallen in love with one of our classic models or the idea of a unique piece – we will manufacture your dream rings independently and sustainably. Visit us in person at our studio in Buchs and let us advise you on the various designs and materials. Our goldsmiths look forward to becoming part of your story and know exactly what is important when it comes to making long-lasting and beautiful partner rings – get in touch now and have distinctive pieces of jewelry made.

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