Buy sustainable and fairtrade solitaire rings from Switzerland

Buy sustainable and fairtrade solitaire rings from Switzerland

Solitaire rings

The solitary stone is shown to its best advantage by the incidence of light!

Buy sustainable solitaire rings in Switzerland

Solitaire rings are the classics among engagement rings and have been impressing with their classic design for decades. The rings are characterized by a tasteful ring band on which a single gemstone is enthroned. A diamond is often used for this model as it has a beautiful fire and is particularly durable due to its hardness. But other types of stone, such as rubies and sapphires or aquamarines, are also ideal for solitaire rings. At SIGNUM, you will find a large selection of solitaire rings that capture the character of the classic ring in unique variations. So that you can wear a high-quality piece of jewelry, we make sure that our materials are well processed and fairly mined. We attach great importance to ensuring that all our pieces are made with sustainable gemstones, pearls and fair trade gold – this applies to both unique pieces and the bestsellers in our online store.

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Sustainable solitaire rings at SIGNUM

Sustainable jewelry at SIGNUM is not just a promise, but a passion. Our commitment to fair working conditions and environmental and climate friendliness is also reflected in our materials. Every piece that leaves our goldsmiths tells a story of ethical origin and can be worn with a clear conscience. Our commitment to sustainable jewelry means that we only use materials that are mined under fair conditions in order to minimize the negative ecological and economic impact. In this way, we want to make our contribution to preserving our environment.

That is why it is also important to us that all employees in the supply chain receive a fair wage and good working conditions. We are proud to transform both fair gemstones and sustainably mined gold into beautiful pieces of jewelry. For us, environmental and climate friendliness also means that we reuse resources and give them a new shine. That’s why we are also happy to use your old gold or recycled silver to make your dream ring – we can even transform heirlooms into your dream ring. Take a look at our website or visit us in our studio in Buchs to find the perfect solitaire ring.

Occasions for solitaire rings from SIGNUM

There are various occasions to buy solitaire rings. The rings are particularly popular for engagements, but are also suitable as an anniversary gift or as a gesture when renewing wedding vows. The rings are also great for capturing special moments in life in a piece of jewelry: the birth of a child, the completion of training or the start of a new chapter. The rings are not always linked to a partnership. Heirlooms, for example, have a close family significance and are often worn as a reminder of deceased loved ones.

The solitaire ring as an engagement ring

Engagement rings and wedding rings are symbols of eternal love and a promise for a future together. Solitaire rings are undoubtedly the classics in this category. A solitaire draws all eyes to a single diamond. This is a timeless design that can be worn for a lifetime. At SIGNUM, we understand the importance of this moment and offer an exclusive selection of solitaire rings that are handmade and individually designed. Our models are classic and elegant and symbolize the uniqueness of the love that two people share. With a solitaire ring from SIGNUM, you are not only choosing sustainability, but also a masterpiece of goldsmithing.

Solitaire rings - the gemstones

Solitaire rings are suitable for all jewelry lovers who would like to wear a sparkle on their finger that is unobtrusive yet prominent. This is why many choose a diamond as their main stone, as it has an impressive fire and high durability. But color lovers can also adapt a solitaire ring to their personality. Colored stones such as tourmaline, sapphire or ruby can give the ring a unique touch and are a real eye-catcher on your finger. We know our way around colored gemstones and diamonds and therefore know exactly what is important when making a choice:

Everyday stress

Depending on how much you use your hands and therefore the ring on a daily basis, we recommend different stones – the reason for this is that some stones are harder than others and are therefore more or less suitable for your daily life.


Jewelry plays a major role in expressing style. We have many years of experience in making jewelry and advising customers, so we make sure that you get the ring that best suits your style and the stone you want.


Gemstones have different degrees of hardness and are therefore suitable for different types of setting and processing. Our goldsmiths set your desired stone in such a way that you can enjoy the piece of jewelry for years without the stone being lost or broken.


The purity of a gemstone is of crucial importance as it determines its optical clarity and brilliance. It also influences the monetary value and aesthetics of the stone by enhancing its color and luminosity.


At SIGNUM, we attach great importance to the origin of our materials. That is why we only use gemstones that are fairly traded and ecologically produced. These include old-cut diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds as well as all kinds of colored stones. We want our jewelry to be worn with a clear conscience and to be produced under fair conditions.

We use these gemstones:

  • Old cut diamonds
  • Diamonds
  • Amethysts
  • Aquamarine
  • Heliodore
  • Morganite
  • Oregon Sunstone
  • Smoky quartz crystals
  • Rubies
  • Sapphires
  • Emeralds
  • Tourmalines

Buy sustainable solitaire rings from SIGNUM: Unique pieces for unique people

You can easily buy some of our favorite models online on our website – all you have to do is select your ring size and the type and origin of gold. Our rings are available in red gold, white gold or yellow gold and are made from fair trade gold from Finnish Lapland or Max Havelaar Fairtrade gold. If you do not know your ring size, we will also be happy to send you a free ring sizer to help you find the right size. If the ring still does not fit, we will correct it for you free of charge.

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Would you like to have a unique piece made for yourself or a special person in your life? Then visit us in our atelier in Buchs and let our experienced goldsmiths advise you in detail – together we will design the perfect piece of jewelry. Simply contact us personally and find out more about solitaire rings and our working methods!

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