Sapphires from Ecomine in Srilanka: International Jewellery Design Contest

Ceylons Munich, the initiators of the first Ecomine for sapphires in Sri Lanka, have announced an international competition for goldsmiths. The task is to create a jewelry sketch or 3D drawing of a piece of jewelry with a beautiful blue sapphire hexagon, which will then also be the main prize. The competition takes place on the social media platform
takes place. And the post with the most likes wins! So please like and share the post! 🙂

Ecomine is one of the few positive examples in the gemstone sector in terms of sustainability and fairness and could be a great role model for the countless small-scale miners in Sri Lanka to convert their operations as well.

Our competition entry was inspired by the origin of the sapphire – Sri Lanka: The colorful diversity of the culture, the colorful way of life with the colorful clothes, the delicious food& colorful spices, the exotic plants.
The center stone, the faceted cut hexagon in blue, is set flat in memory of a magnificent signet ring with deep symbolism. It sits in an open flower, the petals each bearing a sapphire as a rough stone in a different color in a small coat of arms. Sapphires not only come in blue, but also in white, yellow, green, pink and red!
A simple rose gold ring band extends to the inside of the hand and bears a hand-engraved, rounded lion relief. So you can feel the power of the lion alive! The lion with the sword is the heraldic animal of Sri Lanka and embodies HONESTY & STRENGTH and unites all ethnic groups in the country. And: the ring also contains a surprise. Which we then reveal for the wearer …. If we win and are allowed to realize this beautiful ring! Therefore, once again at the end: We are counting on you, because the entry with the most likes wins the competition!!! Please give our Instagram post a “heart squeeze” !

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