Signum Heartcoins made from Max Havelaar Fairtrade gold or recycled silver

Signum Heartcoins made from Max Havelaar Fairtrade gold or recycling are considered a very special kind of currency! By purchasing a Heartcoin, you are giving yourself a gift and at the same time investing in the education of girls and young women in Colombia. We are collaborating with the Casa Hogar initiative because we were immediately impressed by its transparent and dynamically determined way of working. In the areas of Chocó (Colombia), thousands of people are still mining gold with mercury and the environment is heavily polluted. In addition, education is often difficult to access, especially for girls and young women. As there is as yet no Fairtrade project in this region, Casa Hogar’s commitment to the development and education of young people is all the more important! We are delighted to be able to support this sustainable project with your help!

The coins we lovingly make from the heart are made from the finest materials, as befits a sustainable currency: namely Max Havelaar Fairtrade fine gold 999.9 from South America or recycled silver! Around half of the sales price goes to the project. The handmade Heartcoins are available in small (approx. 2.5 g) and larger (approx. 5 g) versions. Furthermore, you can choose between different embossed motifs: heart (as a symbol of love), shield (as a symbol of protection) or from the 4 elements drop (water), wing (air), flame (fire) and leaf (earth) and “Colombia”, the bird (as the symbol of Colombia). They all have a keyhole in the middle, which stands for curiosity. Because in this way, new worlds can be opened up again and again with an open mind…

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