Where do our sustainable diamonds actually come from?

This question seems very important to us, especially as we are becoming more and more aware of our consumer behavior these days. For many, it is important to know where and under what circumstances the things they buy are produced. Do I really need these new jeans and what do I do with the old ones? Better local apples than strawberries from Spain? Diamonds are no different. We have two concepts: Knowing that resources such as diamonds and gold are not infinite, we focus primarily on recycling diamonds: many of our pieces of jewelry are adorned with a unique old-cut diamond. All other diamonds that we process come from sustainable, ethical and conflict-free production in Australia. There the company
inspira Diamonds
which has been selling sustainably produced and certified diamonds to customers in countries all over the world under the Origin Australia brand for several years.

The company attaches great importance to ethically, socially and ecologically responsible diamond and gemstone products. This means that raw materials are extracted peacefully and without conflict, and care is taken to ensure the social conditions of workers and the local population. The mining companies with which inspira Diamonds cooperates apply environmental remediation procedures and guarantee that they report truthfully to the government and the public and pay taxes and royalties transparently.

“We recognize and appreciate that diamonds and other gemstones are a finite and non-replenishable resource, formed millions of years ago and removed from the earth for human enjoyment. We respect these products as valuable resources that must be valued well above their pure market value.”

One of the mines from which the diamonds originate is the Argyle Mine (see photo) in the remote north-west of Australia. It is the fourth largest diamond mine in the world, but the resources will soon be exhausted and the mine is expected to be closed as early as 2020. The relatively rare red and pink diamonds from Argyle are particularly well known around the world. But the natural-colored diamonds in various shades such as “champagne” or “cognac” from the Argyle Mine are also famous.
We have set the stones in our Apoint Grande memo ring model, for example. 23 brilliant-cut white Origin Australia diamonds again adorn the Apoint Tourmaline model (see photos).

inspira diamonds recently founded the new brand The conscious gem, which focuses on other colored gemstones from Australia – naturally, like the diamonds, from ecologically and socially responsible mining. The range of colored gemstones is very interesting, we will definitely make a selection that we will purchase from The conscious gem in the future. We’ll keep you up to date!