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They are finally ready! It has long been our plan to create sustainable jewelry packaging. Just like our jewelry itself, the packaging should also be produced sustainably and fairly. The implementation should also be different, namely away from the traditional jewelry box and towards something more manageable. The design is also more contemporary, brighter and friendlier. You can see the result here….

Finding sustainable, industrially manufactured jewelry packaging that we also liked the design of was impossible! Since “Made in China” was out of the question for us, we started looking for sustainable jewelry packaging in our local area, which led to a collaboration with Amma Boffah, who runs the Kleika atelier in St. Gallen. She designed our first prototype of the fabric jewelry pochette, which was hardly feasible in terms of accuracy with the clients who work in the Kleika. However, she put us in touch with Daniela Gschwend, who professionally carries out various types of sewing work in her “craft workshop” in Nendeln (FL). The prototype was further developed and perfected in several stages…

The sustainable and locally produced jewelry pochettes, made of velour fabric in the color taupe, with a cord with tassels as a closure are comfortable to hold. When you open it, you will discover our finely embossed logo in gold(Mettlerprint in St. Gallen) on the inside. Each pochettli is handmade to measure and sustainably designed so that the pouch can also be conveniently taken on vacation, for example, or the wedding rings can be safely packed in it on occasion.

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We are now delighted that our jewelry trinkets for engagement and solitaire rings made of fine wood will soon be coming out of production – more on this in our next blog post!