Do you also have one or two pieces of gold jewelry that are gathering dust in a jewelry box? These are usually heirlooms that you somehow can’t really part with, even though you don’t wear them. We offer you three attractive options for what you can do with the jewelry:

💡 Reworking or modifying the piece of jewelry: It remains the same, but with a personal touch. This often produces unexpectedly beautiful results. We will be happy to help you find ideas.

💡 Melting down & redesigning: First, the gold is carefully checked: Gold content, gold color and weight. Any stones are removed for reuse and can be integrated into the new piece of jewelry. The gold is then melted down directly in our Signum manufactory. The gold is either used to make an individual piece of jewelry according to your ideas or you can choose a model from our collection.

💡 Buying old gold: You bring your jewelry and we check the gold content, weight and type of gold. Depending on your preference, you will either be paid out directly or you can invest your money directly in a Signum piece of jewelry made from Max Havelaar Fair Trade gold or Ecofaire wash gold from Finland.