At SIGNUM, we live our shared passion for jewelry making! We maintain a long-standing, trust-based and open cooperation with our business partners and see them as part of our team. Introducing our family business:

Sabine Hellmann
Graduate Goldsmith

Founder of Signum (2001) & Signum FairJewels (2013)

Enthusiasm for my craft / aesthetics & function / martial arts / philosophy / nature

Idea generation and Design
Customer advice and support

Dr. Thomas Hellmann
Scientist & Quality System Manager

Enthusiasm for process optimization / Italian espresso culture / garage gold

Quality Management
Financial Controlling

Marlene Hellmann
Master of Art & Education

Enthusiasm for aesthetics / design / people / travel / spirituality

Media design

Maren Schneider
Commercial employee

Enthusiasm for cross-country skiing / biking / traveling

Backoffice & Administration
Photo-Studio work
Aftersales Service

Juan Pablo Appleton
Web developer

Enthusiasm for sports / technology / movies

Website administration

In our Signum Fair Jewels manufactory, we produce fair jewelry with great added value for you, as our work is characterized by the highest quality, transparency, sustainability and responsibility towards nature and people. Our aim is to actively make a positive contribution to our environment through our ecological and socially fair values and to guarantee a better quality of life for everyone involved in the process.

SIGNUM jewelry – pure joie de vivre!

Sustainability & resources: a heart for our planet!

We are committed to conscious consumption and new consumption patterns with sustainable aspects. We support fair market and social structures that bring about sustainable development. We support small-scale miners and their families. We live sustainability holistically, i.e. we not only use ecologically produced precious metals and – where possible – gemstones from sustainable and fair production, but also check all processes in our studio for sustainability (energy balance, transport routes, use of chemicals, packaging material, advertising material, etc.). We are equally careful with the resources of each individual employee.


We work transparently and let the customer know what is behind their piece of jewelry. He or she can view the traceability of his or her personal jewelry at any time and receives a certificate of proof.


We support small structures in the Swiss market and companies from our immediate environment.


SIGNUM follows neither trend nor tradition, we follow our own values in the design, development and manufacture of our jewelry. In the spirit of sustainability, our aim is to produce pieces of long-lasting quality with a focus on the essentials. The design of each individual piece of jewelry is about balancing and finding its natural equilibrium, resulting in a harmonious interplay between materiality, form and color. Every SIGNUM piece of jewelry stands for individuality.

Customer as an individual

Jewelry is always associated with the emotions of the individual. We listen to our customers and treat their emotions and wishes with respect. With the knowledge that our jewelry is produced cleanly and honestly, we strive for trust, customer satisfaction, optimism, vitality and motivation.


In general, we cultivate a corporate culture of respectful, communicative and supportive interaction – both with each other and with our partners and customers.

Process improvement

An elementary part of this philosophy is a regular review of our processes, looking for new, clean raw materials, checking business partners to ensure continuous improvement of environmental and social aspects – our small contribution to a better world.

Transparency of the supply chain

In addition to the aspects of sustainability and fairness, transparency and disclosure of the entire value chain (supply chain) are also part of our concept. Read more about the traceability of the raw materials and work steps that lead to the finished SIGNUM piece of jewelry in the following sections.

The customer receives a reliable verification document in which every relevant work step and every raw material used is documented.

Each piece of jewelry is provided with an individual serial number, which can be used, for example, to trace the gold batch used with the time and place of gold extraction.

Signum Manufactory

SIGNUM constantly designs and develops jewelry ideas, implements them by hand and advises you professionally with almost 30 years of experience!

Every detail in the production process is important – immerse yourself in it with us:

the history of the origin of your gold / the process of melting and casting / the implementation of the jewelry design at the workbench in the classic goldsmith’s craft with modern production techniques such as prototyping for series production / the place of origin of your gemstone / the setting of the piece of jewelry and much more.

Signum Fair Jewels – open & transparent


Directly from its country of origin (Finland / Lapland), our organic raw gold is imported into a
fairtrade international
certified precious metal refinery in Germany, which has many years of experience with ecologically mined and fairly traded gold. The gold is strictly separated from conventional processes, analyzed, purified and processed into the 18 carat gold alloys we require.

We receive these with corresponding material certificates and certificates documenting the origin of the metals used.


Jewelry models, which we produce in small series, are cast according to our model in a Swiss precious metal foundry. This is done strictly separately from conventional gold, in processes that are separate for us: our own wax tree and our own flask guarantee that it is exclusively our organic and fairly traded gold. A certificate of conformity signed by the foundry provides precise details of the gold batch and the casting pattern number, thus ensuring traceability to the raw materials used.

Each piece of SIGNUM jewelry is unique in its design and has its own identification number.

Gemstone setter

Signum Fair Jewels collaborates with two Swiss gemstone setting workshops that precisely set shining old-cut diamonds, sparkling brilliant-cut diamonds in various natural shades and colored gemstones in your pieces of jewelry.

Each piece of jewelry now shines in its very own splendor!

SIGNUM certificate

After the final inspection, each piece of jewelry leaves our factory with a certificate proving the exact identity and traceability of the raw materials used.

Transparency is not only important to us in the manufacturing process – behind every certificate are committed, positive-minded people who are committed to a sustainable future and make every piece of jewelry vibrant, precious and unique.

Wishing you pure joie de vivre

Your SIGNUM Team

General Terms and Conditions SIGNUM FAIR JEWELS


1. terms of delivery, exchange and return

Your order will be processed immediately. The jewelry is handmade for you in our studio, which requires a delivery time of about 2 to 3 weeks. All orders are checked immediately and delivery availability is confirmed to you personally. If your order is already in stock in the desired version, it will of course be dispatched immediately.

Delivery within Switzerland:

We do not charge shipping costs for deliveries within Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Delivery is made by post directly to the desired delivery address.

For deliveries outside Switzerland, please contact us by telephone.

Purchase without risk:

You have 8 days to check our delivered jewelry at your leisure.

If something does not fit or is not to your liking, simply send it back to us by registered mail in the original packaging together with the invoice. Returns in packaging other than our original packaging are excluded from exchange and will not be accepted, as improperly packaged jewelry is often damaged in transit. Only personalized custom-made products and engraved items are excluded from returns. You will receive a receipt from the post office when you hand in your parcel. Please keep this as proof for insurance claims.
Repairs in the event of damage on your part or the removal of traces of wear, etc. will be invoiced to you.


2. terms of payment

Terms of payment: Bank transfer to Signum Fair Jewels postal account, by Pay Pal or cash payment in the studio.

Advance payment: For custom-made products and larger purchase amounts, we will contact you and agree an advance payment with you.

Default of payment: In the event of late payment, we will charge you corresponding reminder fees to partially cover our costs – 1st reminder CHF 10, 2nd reminder CHF 25. After the second unsuccessful reminder, we will pass on the total of the invoice and reminder fees to third parties for the purpose of debt collection. The debt collection service provider is entitled to charge the debtor for the costs incurred, currently around CHF 150.

Retention of title:
The jewelry remains our property until the goods have been paid for in full.


3. data protection

What customer information is stored and how is it used?

We store your address and e-mail address for order processing. We reserve the right to use this data to verify postal accuracy and for credit checks. We also use the address data to send out our newsletter, which is published six times a year. You can remove yourself from the list at any time by notifying us by e-mail at or by telephone on 076 558 41 32. Your data will never be passed on to third parties by Signum Fair Jewels. This does not include the forwarding of data to our debt collection service provider in the event of late payment.

4. guarantee on the workmanship

Signum Fair Jewels wishes to have absolutely satisfied customers and we feel obliged to take special care to ensure that you have a reliable and trouble-free purchase. You receive a 1-year guarantee on the workmanship of Signum jewelry. Of course, loss, damage due to improper use and natural wear and tear are excluded. Please keep the invoice as it serves as proof of warranty.


5. prices

All prices published on the website are charged in exactly the same way and are in Swiss francs (CHF), including VAT of 7.7 %.

Errors and announced price changes are reserved.