Although we continue to offer consultations in compliance with the FOPH’s hygiene guidelines, we would like to make it easier for you to order rings conveniently and securely online. Yes, but… Buying wedding rings or engagement rings online? Isn’t that too risky and cumbersome? And what if it doesn’t suit me? For all those who have not yet tried it and would perhaps like to give it a try… Yes! It is uncomplicated and simple, you can try it without hesitation. You can also order a free ring sizer from us in advance to determine your exact size if you don’t know it. And if the ring does not fit, it will be made to fit for free! Simply send it back in the original box in your package as registered mail.
For a fair all-inclusive price per pair of rings, we offer you the absolute favorite of our customers in recent years: The model“Stauberen 3mm” for the smaller hand and“Stauberen 4mm” for the larger hand – timelessly beautiful! You can determine the surface structure of your rings yourself. In terms of gold color, yellow gold was still the most popular gold color this year, as it comes closest to the origin of raw gold and suits almost everyone, followed by red gold. White gold was chosen less frequently, and it was mostly the men who opted for it.

Bestseller" wedding ring pair for 2910 CHF * THIS PROMOTION IS ALREADY GONE!!! Click here for the current single ring bestsellers!

* The price is valid for all women’s sizes (1250 CHF) and men’s sizes (1660 CHF) up to size 60. From men’s size 60, a surcharge of 150.- to 250.- will be charged (please ask for a quote) Excl. Shipping costs of 20 CHF.

Each pair is individually handcrafted according to your specifications and, as always, made from organic and fair-trade gold. 🙂 In the photos you can see the rings with the surface finish “dot matt”, ideal for wedding rings. If desired, a stone can also be set (please ask for a quote). If you prefer a different model, you can of course also put together your individual rings directly on our wedding ring collection page and we will make you an offer. Simply click on the desired model on our homepage… We wish you lots of fun with your rings!